SteelFlex & Gladiator Yoga

Stretching is a physical activity to strengthen, lengthen and lubricate the muscles. Yoga Stretches are considered very beneficial for our body to increase the strength and balance. It is proven to help you in increasing your flexibility and giving you a better fitness level. Yoga is not just an exercise form, it complements your overall health. It helps you in building your muscular strength as well because of the eccentric contraction (when there is tension on muscle it becomes lengthen that happens in yoga). If done on a regular basis, intensive yoga stretches can boost up your over all muscular strength and flexibility in short time.

“Yoga is the journey of self, Through the self, To the self.” The Bhagawat Gita

There is not one, but many poses which will buildup strength. When performing any stretch, just concentrate on the right posture and try to challenge your flexibility that is the most easy and fast way to develop strength.

The common mistakes that people do while performing these poses

  • Most of us are unaware of right bio mechanics of the body, and when they perform any stretch with incorrect movements that leads to injuries. So it is suggested to get an expert check for your movements.
  • By wrong posture and movements, one can get more pain or stiffness in the joints.
  • While performing any stretch you should concentrate on the right posture, physical centering and movements.
  • One more incorrect practice is to squeeze your body inside due to “fear of falling”, which leads to slower blood circulation in the muscles. Your breathing pattern should be correct.