BMXStrength® Technique

Exercise is a magic pill. It is a holistic approach of maintaining overall health; however incorrect movements, postures and biomechanics can give you adverse effects as well. Following correct biomechanics is a very important aspect of working out as it may give you serious injuries. BMXStrength; invented by Neeraj Mehta 17 years ago, is a technique of exercising with correct biomechanics to avoid any injury and to give you maximum results in minimum time.

Body mechanics are not taken seriously by exercisers; beginner or advanced. Every exercise technique especially weight training is practiced with terribly wrong movements which may have serious consequences.

  • Injuries.
  • Less Range Of Motion in joints.
  • Pain/Strain in joints.
  • Body Imbalances.
  • Body Stiffness.
  • Less/No flexibility.

  • Following Correct Bio mechanics is an essential part of training. BMXStrength® is considered the safest way of exercise as all the movements are done with keeping the joints safe.

    More About It

    This is a technique of performing any physical exercise with joint friendly movements and with centrally balanced posture. You will also be able to utilize the energy economically hence less body fatigue. The results will be effective and faster as you would be using your prime muscles more and not the stabilizers.

  • One need to understand their body should be relaxed while performing the exercise (relaxed contraction) so that the energy, which is stored for the exercise, can be used economically followed by enhancing the performance.
  • In BMXStrength® the main muscle for which we are doing exercise will be used maximum and the supporting muscles will be used very less, (because of relaxed contraction, correct body posture and right breathing system).
  • In BMXStrength® one need to understand the posture and movements for performing the exercise which are friendly with the joints.
  • The regular exercise will be done in a such a way, which are friendly with joints ( connective tissue i.e. Ligament and Tendons)