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What I Do And Who Am I?

About Me

Neeraj Mehta is renowned fitness therapist, life coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and one of the nation’s leading wellness expert. He is the inspiration for thousands of people who are fighting the weight loss battle. His idea of fitness is body- mind conditioning as he believes that “your body can not go somewhere where your mind is not going”. He shares a unique connection with his audience as he can relate to their battle. His training has given miraculous results to his clients. His expertise are weight loss, weight gain, muscle building, muscle gaining, Body Building, injury rehabilitation, correcting body imbalances, Diet and supplement consultation, nervotherapy etc. He is known to get his clients in their best shape ever in quickest possible time. He has been practicing Alternative Medicine (Nervo Therapy, Chiropractic, Clinical Exercise Therapy, Joint Manipulation and Acupressure Therapy) for more than 15 years.

He is an expert to train sports Persons, general public and special population (medically challenged). He has earned several certifications in fitness from various reputed fitness Academies including the prestigious Phd in Human Bio mechanics and Alternative medicines. Not to mention that he is the only fitness therapist in the country with the mentioned qualification. All his knowledge is complemented with his own fitness journey which started when he was 9 years of age. His father introduced him to martial arts, due to his support and encouragement he then moved on to earn a black belt and a national championship. He is a master trainer in 14 different exercise techniques including Karate, Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, SteelFlexx, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Strength training, Functional training etc. He is the brain behind the invention of BMXStrength; which is the master technique to get maximum results in minimum possible time without any strain on joints. He is the prime promoter of SteelFlex; which is a bio mechanic form of Iron Yoga. Gladiator Yoga is another invention which is the combination of Extreme Yoga stretches with slow Tai Chi movement. He has been the part of famous TV shows “Apki Sehat” and “Fit Delhi”. His show “Body Engineering with Neeraj Mehta” is soon to be live on Asia’s only fitness channel “Brilliant TV”. His another show “Fit and Fine” is inline with “N TV” group. He is a regular columnist for the prestigious “The Hindu”, “Times Of India”, “Hindustan Times” and many more. He is the Director of esteemed GFFI Fitness Academy where he provides professional training to trainers. He has trained over 13,000 trainers who are currently serving fitness industry. He owns a chain of Fitness Club “Fitness Alive”. Kickboxing is his favorite pass time. When not training his clients He works out in his club. He considers exercise as a magic pill, a prevention cure for every proble


What They Say About Me

My experience after doing the personal training course and I have gained lots of knowledge and after implementing BMX strength in my routine I got any good results. The way Neeraj sir use to teach was very generic and easy to understand by anyone .




My experience at GFFI was very good and the support given by the teachers specially Neeraj Sir was polite much impressive. And the quality of knowledge provided was definitely very good.


Manmeet Singh


My learning experience was really very good. The faculty here is very helpful and friendly. They gave their best efforts so that we people could learn Aerobics. I would like to thank all of them


Aditya Gagneja


My Amazing Clients